Island Crisis!

Island Crisis!


The impact of climate change is on a global scale, but people living in the coastal area are particularly vulnerable. The reason being that warming weather makes arctic sea ice melt faster, resulting in rising sea levels. Changing temperatures of ocean currents also exacerbate cyclones and flooding. Island countries and areas are the ones that bear the brunt of these climate change events.


1. Pre-Quiz
1-1. 🚀 Quick Questions 🚀
2. Course Content
2-1. Climate Change Crisis: Sinking Islands
2-2. Maldives
2-3. Fiji
2-4. The Caribbean Islands
2-5. Small Island States Form Alliance
2-6. Can Island Taiwan Escape from Sea Level Rise?
3. Post-Assessment
3-1. 🍏 Quiz Time 🍏


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2023-02-28 14:46:16
I'v learnt why coastal region's are vulnerable