Endless Forest Fires (Part 1)

Endless Forest Fires (Part 1)


"Forest fires occur every year as a part of the natural cycle, no?"

You may not know that up to 75% of forest fires are human-caused. 

How did these happen? And what are the impacts? Let's read on.


1. Pre-Quiz
1-1. 🚀 Quick Questions 🚀
2. Forest Fires - Introduction
2-1. Are Forest Fires a Part of the Natural Cycle?
3. Black Summer in Australia
3-1. Black Summer in Australia
3-2. Unusually Hot Weather
3-3. Protracted Drought
3-4. How is this related to the Indian Ocean?
3-5. Fire can turn into a Thunderstorm System!
4. Wildfires in the Arctic Circle
4-1. Unusually High Temperature and Drought
4-2. "Zombie fires" in Arctic!
4-3. When the Fire-Resistant Vegetation is No Longer Fire-Resistant
5. Post Assessment
5-1. 🍏 Quiz Time 🍏