Disposable Plastics: The Unbearable Lightness for the Earth

Disposable Plastics: The Unbearable Lightness for the Earth


In our daily life, we use a lot of plastic products designed for single use. These products, such as PET bottles, straws, bubble milk tea or hand-shaken beverage cups, and plastic packaging, are meant to be disposed of after use. Everyone must have used one or two. These plastics are called disposable plastics or single-use plastics. Today, the shops, stores, and street vendors use large quantities of these single-use plastics. And after very brief use, we simply throw them away. This plastic waste is not going to decompose in the environment but only pile up quickly. Severe environmental issues thus have arisen from here.


1. Pre-Quiz
1-1. 🚀 Quick Questions 🚀
2. Content
2-1. The Truth of Plastic Pollution
2-2. Wildlife: The Primary Victims of Plastic Waste
2-3. Disposable Plastics Exacerbate Climate Crisis
2-4. Is it Possible to Clean Up the Plastic Waste in the Environment?
2-5. Change Our Habit toward Reuse
3. Post Assessment
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