Climate Change in Global Perspective - Part I

Climate Change in Global Perspective - Part I


There are international organizations, conferences, and treaties working on or promoting climate change and environment-related issues. From time to time we can see the news about them convening meetings and releasing information. What do they do? How do they concern us the general public?


1. Pre-Quiz
1-1. 🚀 Quick Questions 🚀
2. Content
2-1. The Starting Point of Environmental Discussions in the International Landscape
2-2. The Global Annual Climate Conference - Conferences of the Parties (COP)
2-3. Montreal Protocol: International Treaty that Mends Ozone Layer
2-4. The Very Important Kyoto Protocol
2-5. Paris Agreement: Successor on Climate Battle after the Expiry of Kyoto Protocol
3. Post-Quiz
3-1. 🍏 Assessment 🍏


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